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[2019 Fall] Play Games with Pronunciation

Title: Play Games with Pronunciation 

Date: November 29th Friday 
Time: 13:00-14:30pm
Location: College A 226
Instructor: Paulina Martinez

Use a mirror to see your own articulation. Then, play games to practice what you’ve learned! This workshop will introduce some pronunciation concepts and tricks for Korean speakers, such as counting syllables, word stress, linking or reducing words, voice, aspiration, and more. If you are learning Korean, you can also get some tips for Korean pronunciation from this workshop.

Registration Period : 2019-10-18 1:00 ~ 2019-11-29 1:00
Class Size : 18

[2019 Fall] Discover Greek and Latin Roots

Title: Discover Greek and Latin Roots

Date: November 15th Friday 
Time: 13:00-14:30pm
Location: College A 107
Instructor: Rebecca Bae

Anachronism.  Hypoglycemic.  Deconstructivism.  Understanding difficult science vocabulary can be easy if you know how to break down the words into parts:
 ana + chron + ism = not + time = against time, not in time.
This workshop will introduce some science and medical roots to help students in their studies.

Registration Period : 2019-10-18 1:00 ~ 2019-11-15 1:00
Class Size : 20

[2019 Fall] How to Read Like Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D.

Title: How to Read Like Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D.

Date: October 18th Friday 
Time: 16:00-17:30pm
Location: College A 112
Instructor: Ellis Lee

Dr. Adler was an American scholar, philosopher, educator, and best-selling author. In 1940, he wrote the book "How to Read a Book: The Art of Getting a Liberal Education." This workshop will focus on Dr. Adler's reading strategies to help you:
- Improve your critical thinking/reading skills
- Utilize the Cornell note-taking method 
- Read scientific papers 

Registration Period : 2019-10-14 1:00 ~ 2019-10-18 16:00
Class Size : 25

[2019 Fall] Learning English with TV shows

Title: Learning English with TV shows

Date: October 18th Friday 
Time: 10:00-11:30am
Location: College A 107
Instructor: Shawnt Kazar

Improve your vocabulary and listening fluency! In this workshop we will practice learning English through a specific method involving fun, new TV shows.

Registration Period : 2019-10-14 1:00 ~ 2019-10-18 1:00
Class Size : 20

[2019 Fall] TOEIC Speaking

Title: TOEIC Speaking

Date: October 11th Friday 
Time: 13:00~14:30pm
Location: College A 226
Instructor: John Wills

This workshop will provide a broad overview, practice opportunities, and advice on taking the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) speaking section.
After attending, you will have a better idea of what to expect from the test, how to study for it, and which areas you personally need to focus on.

Registration Period : 2019-10-01 1:00 ~ 2019-10-11 1:00
Class Size : 16

[2019 Fall] What a pain: Expressing illness and injury!

Title: What a pain: Expressing illness and injury!

Date: October 11th Friday 
Time: 10:30~12:00am
Location: College A 107
Instructor: David Patrona

We try to stay safe and healthy. However, when we visit a doctor or talk with friends, sometimes we need to express how we feel when we get sick or hurt.
In this workshop, students will be introduced to vocabulary and expressions related to common illnesses and injuries that people may experience in daily life.
Students will also have opportunities to practice what they learn through activities and discussions.

Registration Period : 2019-09-27 1:00 ~ 2019-10-11 1:00
Class Size : 20

[2019 가을학기] 573돌 한글날 기념 한국어 강좌

주제: 공문서 속 일본어 잔재 찾기
일시: 2019.10.11.(금)
장소: 대학 A동 112호
강사: 이소림 박사

다음 문장에서 일본식 한자어를 찾아보세요.
- 바리깡으로 머리를 깎았다.

그럼 다음 문장은 어떠십니까?
- 갑작스러운 질문을 받고 교수님은 당혹스러운 표정을 지었다.

일본식 한자어를 찾으셨나요?
정답이 궁금하시다면?

Registration Period : 2019-09-26 1:00 ~ 2019-10-11 1:00
Class Size : 30

[2019 Fall] Writing in Cursive

Title: Writing in Cursive!
Date: September 27th Friday
Time: 13:00~14:30pm
Location: College A 107
Instructor: Jennifer Manning

Cursive is a style of writing in which the symbols of a language are joined together.
The purpose has generally been to write quickly but now has mostly an aesthetic purpose.
Learn the basics of writing English letters in cursive and how to write your signature in this workshop.

Registration Period : 2019-09-20 1:00 ~ 2019-09-27 1:00
Class Size : 16

[2019 Fall] Speech Contest Clinic!

Title: Speech Contest Clinic!
Date: September 20th Friday
Time: 13:30~15:00pm
Location: College A 107
Instructor: Natasha Powell

Get help with your video submission to the speech contest.
Get help understanding the speech contest topic! Learn how to prepare your speech and become a finalist.
Come to the workshop ask any questions you have about the contest.

Registration Period : 2019-09-11 1:00 ~ 2019-09-20 1:00
Class Size : 20

[2019 Fall] Improving English with Science Fiction Literature!

Title: Improving English with Science Fiction Literature!
Date: September 6th Friday
Time: 10:00~11:30am
Location: College A 107
Instructor: Jeffrey Baldwin
Join us as we dive into the extraordinary world of science fiction novels, and consider the different ways in which they can help us improve our English abilities. 
In this workshop, we will explore different sub-genres in science fiction, and hopefully find something that peaks everybody’s interest along the way. 
We will also discuss strategies for truly engaging in reading, in order to strengthen your English reading skills while having a good time.     

Registration Period : 2019-09-02 1:00 ~ 2019-09-06 1:00
Class Size : 20

[2019 Fall] LEC Open House

대상: GIST 대학(원)생 누구나 참여 가능
목적: 언어교육센터 어학 프로그램 소개
일시: 2019.9.6.(금) 14:00~16:00
장소: 대학 B동 101호
* 참석자들에게는 맛있는 다과가 제공됩니다.
** 2019학년도 가을학기 대학원 신입생 여러분은 더욱 환영합니다!
Registration Period : 2019-08-30 1:00 ~ 2019-09-06 1:00
Class Size : 40


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