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The founding goal of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) is to make scientific contributions to local, national, and global development.  With each new wave of scientific and technological advancement comes demand for a different standard of globalization and integration of cultures, ideas, and innovations.  English has been an indispensable tool with which faculty and students at GIST can open doors to, and strive in, global stages.  As a burgeoning institute of science and technology in the world, we believe we are faced with the task of not only preparing but empowering students to meet the challenges of a changing world in stride.

At the GIST Language Education Center (LEC), we strive to provide GIST students foundations with which they can achieve their dreams.  Our center’s main objective is to provide quality education for students to attain competence, proficiency, and competitiveness in English communication.  Our dedicated faculty is committed to providing the best possible environment for students to develop and expand their English abilities.  A high standard of specialized English instruction for science and engineering focus has been instilled with robust assessment tools for English proficiency development.  We offer a set of courses armed with achievement goals in each curriculum to meet this objective.  One-to-one clinic sessions with personalized instruction and guidance are available to provide tailored assistance for English related needs.  It is also our belief that enhancing our students' professional achievements includes cultural, global awareness in order for them to become full participants in their respective research fields in any region of the world.  We hope to heighten students' professional advancement by offering weekly workshops and extracurricular programs that encompass this principle.

At the precipice of the onset of a new industrial revolution, we are faced with a shifting paradigm of science, technology, and human interactions.  And now more than ever, the ability to wield English to promote and raise impact of the fruits of academic endeavor is an essential tool in achieving success.    Our vision for the LEC is to be an institution of recourse for the academic and professional success of each and every student at GIST.

In closing, I include the following words of my predecessor whose work we not only strive to emulate, but hope to expand on, as an invitation to all who subscribe to our vision: 
Where many see limits, we see limitless possibilities. English doesn't
have to be an obstacle; English can be whatever you wish to make it.
Don't let English limit you, because it can't.”

– Dr. Siyeon Lee
Director of LEC


123 Cheomdan-gwagiro(Oryong-dong), Buk-gu, Gwangju 61005, Republic of Korea
TEL: +82-62-715-3703

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