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[2020학년도 1학기영어 에세이 콘테스트 안내

2020학년도 봄학기는 영어 스피치 콘테스트를 개최할 예정이었으나, 
COVID19 전염병 확산 문제로 학생들의 안전 문제를 고려하여 기존대로 영어 에세이 콘테스트를 개최합니다.
제출방법, 심사방법은 기존과 동일하게 온라인으로 제출 및 심사하며, 우수 출품작 시상식 또한 온라인으로 개최할 예정이오니 참고바랍니다.

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Registration Confirmation

2020 Essay Contest

Attached File
2020 English Essay Contest Rules

TOPIC: What are you grateful for?

PRIZES: iPad, Nintendo Switch Lite, Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones

(1) Write an essay on the provided topic with appropriate support and detail.
(2) Winners will be able to choose a prize from the provided items 
(3) Essays must be your original work which has not been published before or submitted as homework in any course.
(4) When you quote or refer to other people’s words or ideas, you must properly credit the source.
(5) All currently enrolled GIST students (undergraduate or graduate and international students from non-English speaking countries) can participate.
 * English speaking countries include Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or the USA.
(6) If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact an LEC instructor.

(1) No more than 1200 words. 
(2) Students should not include their names in their entry, but should use their student number as their file title (e.g. 20195432.docx)
(3) Essays will be checked for plagiarism. Any students who plagiarize will be disqualified from this and future contests.

(1) Submit your completed essay to with the subject line Essay Contest 2020.
(2) Deadline: 2020 May 12th (Tuesday) 23:59 (late submissions will not be accepted).

Language Education Center, College B – 102, 062-715-3703

Registration Period : 2020-03-30 1:00 ~ 2020-05-12 24:00
Event Size : 0 person


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