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LEC 2016 Spring, the 5th workshop (4/1)

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작성자 LEC 작성일16-04-01 16:39 조회1,785회 댓글0건


Today, LEC the 4th English workshop was held.

This workshop was divided into two parts: 'Standard English vs. Global Englsih' and 'Konglish or Englsih?'. Many different Englishes in the world and Konglish words were covered in this workshop. About twelve GIST students attended this workshop.

Lucas Howerter, the instructor of this workshop, gave the students a wide range of examples and showed various videos. He even himself took pictures for the materials of this workshop.

As expected, the students showed great interest throughout the workshop.

After this workshop, most of them replied that they were able to learn various accents of English as well as practical Englsih words. Also, they said the workshop was useful because many Konglish words (We thought they were English..) were introduced.  


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