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2022 Hangeul day Handwriting winners announcement

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작성자 미래교육센터 작성일22-11-04 14:11 조회1,563회 댓글0건


Dear GIST international members,
Here are the TOP3 2022 Hangeul day Handwriting Contest submissions.
Ta**, Muh** Um*
Mih** Abe**
Chris** Yus**
These three winners will get the Korean traditional crafts. We will contact you soon!
And the following participants will get the coffee coupons,
so we will send you an email shortly asking for your contact information.
Please be sure to reply.
Mer* Aliz*
Mah* Zah*
Shu* Tas* Iqb*( S M Wah* Rah*)
Ak* Ece*
Lax* Man* 
Da*, Shu* 
Prag* Man*
Nopph* Udo*
Zuw* We*
Kon*, Shi* Ro* 
Raja* Shre*
We hope you enjoy the beauty/fun of writing Hangeul while doing handwriting.
Congratulations, and thank you for your interests in Hangeul.
Language Education Center


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