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[2022 도란도란 4기] Language Exchange Program Group Announcement

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일22-03-22 09:22 조회2,243회 댓글0건


Thank you for your interests in LEC’s Language Exchange Program.

We are grateful to announce that you have been selected to join our Language Exchange Program(도란도란) for the 2022 Spring semester.

Please find your partner in the table below.

During this semester you will have time to learning about each other’s language and cultural backgrounds.

Also, you must attend the online orientation on March 25th at 10:30.
(*Link to be provided soon)
Group Student ID Name Student ID Name
1 201851** 이정태 201852** Maniquaire Nathan
2 201950** 김지희 202020** Nourelhuda Mohamed
3 202151** 서우영 202280** Woranan Chopngam
4 201851** 정다인 202152** Divyam Gupta
5 202240** 전명길 202280** Kristell CARRERIC
6 202151** 이민규 202152** Elina Esenbaeva
송도윤 202280** Muhammad NoorAiman Bin Mohidin
8 201920** 백   빈 202280** Nur Amirah binti Ahmad
9 202051** 조경택
Seong Minea
10 201852** 김동영 202111** Yesuilen Gulugdemberel

Thank you.
Language Education Center


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