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Language Exchange Activity Guidelines

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Language Exchange Activity Guidelines
To ensure that language exchange activities are enjoyable and safe, we revised the guidelines as follows.
Purpose: Korean and Foreign students work as English and Korean language partners for each other and aim to help each other adapt to school life on campus.
Period and method: Online 8 or more times out of 10 weeks in total (required), Offline 2 (optional).
The spread of Corona-19 is severe, so please refrain from public restaurants, shopping, and outdoor activities.
If you have already exceeded the number of offline activities, please meet your partner online.
Activity time: Approximately 2 hours per week (1 hour to learn Korean and 1 hour to learn English).
Activity recognition time: 1.5 – 2.5 hours (requires submission of reports once a week).
Excluded hours: Eating, shopping, exercising, activities with other groups in the restaurant.
How to Create a Report: Please select an activity topic and describe it briefly, as shown in the example below. If Korean and Foreign students are on the same topic, please write a group report with different content or different lessons.
Topic: Holiday (New Year's Day Chuseok) * 6 Refer to the topic of language exchange activities.
Contents: 5-20 holiday vocabulary, holiday activities, holiday clothes, etc.
Evidence Photo Materials for Report Submission:
Please submit a photo with evident faces. Reports without pictures are not accepted.
Language exchange activity cost (Gift icon) payment method:
After reviewing the activity time allocated for each meeting and the activity reports, the team members will be rewarded with the Gift icons in the last week if they meet the criteria.  
Criteria for Selection of Excellence in Activities:
Teams with good content in the activity reports and evident photographs will be selected.
Revised Instructions on additional topics for language exchange activities:
Language exchange activities (compare intercultural)
Topic (Campus)
Topic (outside, etc.)
1. Guide to key facilities on campus (using campus maps)
2. Bank (opening a bank account, etc.)
3. Student Restaurant
4. Library
5. Health Centre
6. Post Office
7. Class manners
8. Hobby
9. College life and manners
10. Test (Midterm, Final)
1. Public transportation (bus, subway, etc.)
2. Mart, Market
3. Hospital
4. Photo studio
5. Cafe
6. Holidays (New Year's Day, Chuseok)
7. Religion
8. Corona-19
9. Hobby
10. How to study languages
11. Movies, dramas
12. Counting numbers
13. How much is it? (Use receipt)
14. Great men by country
15. Sports, Sports
16. Gyeongbokgung Palace
17. Mountain
18. Ocean
19. Famous singers and actors
20. Food


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