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Korean Language Class, Spring 2020

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Korean Language Class, Spring 2020


Language Education Center (LEC) is offering Korean classes for GIST international students (including exchange students), internship students, faculty, researchers, and their family on campus. Please be noted these non-credit classes are NOT free.


Date & Time




Basic Korean

기초 한국어

Mon/Wed 10:30-12:00

16 Weeks

College A (N4)

Room 107

100,000 won

Beginner Korean 1

초급 한국어 1

Tue/Thr 10:30-12:00

Beginner Korean 2

초급 한국어 2

Mon/Wed 14:30-16:00

Practical Korean Vocabulary

한국어 어휘 연습

Mon/Wed 16:00-17:30

Session Period: 16 weeks from March 13 (Fri) 2020 to June 26 (Fri) 2020

♣ Note

1. Seats are limited.
2. Family members of GIST students and faculty are welcome, but registered GIST students have priority.
3. If you wish to take this class, please contact Dr. Lee (
 - Korean placement test will be conducted on the first day of the class or before.
 - Class textbook or materials will be announced by Dr. Lee.


♣ How to Apply

1. Submit your application to the GIST LEC (College Building B Room 102) in person or via email(flora7027@gist.ac.kr).

2. Deadline: March 26 (Thr) 2020

3. Class tuition: 100,000 won per class
* If this course is cancelled for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

♣ For further information contact:

1. Your Instructor : Dr. Sorim Lee (sorimi7725@gist.ac.kr)
2. Language Education Center : College Building B (N5) Room 102 (T. 062-715-3703)



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